Past Officers

Di FrancoFrank--,--,1951Police Chief - Acting
MillsDouglas--,--,1954Police Chief
Di FrancoFrank A--,--,1962Police Sergeant
MistrettaWilliam03,01,1968Police Officer
RoodenburgWilliam05,07,1970Police Chief
GuarinoJoseph A01,01,1970Patrolman
YatesTheodore05,06,1974Provisional Sergeant, Patrolman
ThompsonJohn S05,07,1974Provisional Patrolman
BetterRemmel06,01,1972Police Sergeant
WestFredrick09,05,1975Police Officer
BarnhartRolland E.09,09,1975Police Officer
HaleyWilliam11,01,1977Police Officer
MoynesRoger L01,07,1977Police Officer - Part Time
MiskellTheodore01,18,1977Police Officer - Part Time
ScovilleWilliam01,24,1977Police Officer - Part Time
CurryJohn A05,01,1979Police Officer - Part Time
MorschMary Lee07,16,1979Police Officer - Full Time
KnightsDamon E12,03,1979Police Officer - Full Time
HaentgesRussell02,17,1981Deputy Chief
MillsWilliam11,22,1982Police Officer
HaleyChristopher10,03,1984Police Officer - Full Time
WhiteRichard W10,19,1984Police Officer - Part Time
WhiteRichard W11,02,1984Police Officer - Full Time
DiegertDavid12,04,1984Police Officer
GuarinoJoseph06,01,1985Police Chief
PlossRichard05,13,1985Dog Warden
PlossRichard04,09,1986Parking Meter Attendant
PeckJohn W04,23,1986Police Officer - Part Time
PeckJohn W10,24,1986Police Officer - Full Time
KnappDavid C10,27,1986Police Officer - Part Time
FarmerJohn06,08,1987Dog Conrol Officer
FarmerJohn04,07,1993Dog Control Officer, Parking Meter
D'AprileDavid J05,27,1988Police Officer - Part Time
HenryPeter M09,29,1989Police Officer - Part Time
ErringtonRonald R08,24,1990Police Officer - Part Time
HenryPeter M08,27,1990Police Officer - Full Time
OsganianEric G08,24,1992Police Officer - Part Time
OsganianEric G06,10,1993Police Officer - Full Time
SzczesniakJeffery J06,10,1993Police Officer - Part Time
SzczesniakJeffery J06,13,1994Police Officer - Full Time
GuesnoRobert10,04,1995Police Officer - Full Time
GuesnoRobert02,14,1996Police Officer - Full Time
McCaugheyMichael L06,05,1996Police Officer - Part Time
McCaugheyMichael L10,16,1996Police Officer - Full Time
ErringtonRonald R05,08,1998Police Officer - Part Time
WhiteRichard06,01,1998Police Chief
FrancherJoseph D06,10,1998Police Officer - Part Time
DoiceLisa05,25,1999Police Officer - Part Time
RemchukJeremy M02,12,2001Police Officer - Part Time
ScottValerie A04,18,2001Police Officer- Part Time
SnyderTiah L09,04,2001Police Officer - Part Time
RemchukJeremy M04,27,2002Police Officer - Full Time
BarrettKevin02,26,2003Police Officer - Training
TenalioKristine03,20,2003Police Officer - Part Time
MerrickJames W04,24,2003Police Officer - Part Time
GulloKristy12,06,2003Police Officer - Part Time
ArneyJoel12,29,2003Police Officer - Part Time
OsganianEric G02,27,2004Police Chief
PiedmonteDaniel W02,27,2004Police Officer - Full Time
ErwinJames T03,05,2004Police Officer - Part Time
GouletRaymond03,18,2004Police Officer
WestSamual03,18,2004Police Officer
CarsonDana A07,29,2004Police Officer - Full Time
BryantChristopher08,23,2004Police Officer - Full Time
YassoJason A07,18,2005Police Officer - Part Time
GatesMelody J09,27,2005Police Officer - Part Time
TantaloRichard06,11,2007Police Officer - Full Time
KenneyEdward08,01,2007Police Officer - Part Time
BeersDavid07,23,2008Police Officer - Full Time
McClaughlinDaniel07,01,2008Police Officer
ColeJesse10,06,2008Police Officer
SwansonBenjamin05,04,2009Police Officer
MattesonChristopher03,15,2010Police Officer - Part Time
ChaseAaron06,21,2010Police Officer - Part Time
DaleRyan02,06,2012Police Officer - Part Time

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