K9 ProgramThe Geneseo Police has been able to obtain funding from Senator Dale Volker and Assemblyman Daniel Burling to purchase our new K9, “Rosko”.

Rosko is a Belgian Malinois breed. Officer Jason Yasso and K9 Rosko will be a great asset to the Geneseo community. The K9 program has enabled the Geneseo Police Department to accomplish special tasks and duties.

The following is a list of duties the K9 Unit can perform:

  • Deter crime through active foot patrols and building checks
  • Work with the school administration and provide drug deterrence programs
  • Public relations through demonstrations. Narcotic detection, including Marijuana, Cocaine Crack, Heroine and Ecstasy
  • Conduct interior and exterior vehicle/building searches: This minimizes danger to the officers
  • Track and Search for lost individuals
  • Track and apprehend criminal suspects
  • Conduct evidence search and recovery
  • Officer protection

The Geneseo Police Department would greatly appreciate any donation given to continue the K9 Program. The K9 program relies on your donations to keep our program going. If you would like to make a donation, please click here:

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